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  • Educational Facilities

    For booking of any of the facilities listed here, please email RP Staff may book these facilities via Outlook.


    1. All rates are subject to the prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST).
    2. All rates are subject to changes without notice.
    3. At RP’s discretion, manpower cost may be applicable depending on the nature and scale of event.
    4. Venue usage for pre-event (e.g. set up) and post event work (e.g. dismantling) is chargeable.

      Agora Halls (Accommodates up to 500 people per Hall)

    Located at the centre of Republic Polytechnic, Agora Halls 1, 2, 3 and 4 are fully-carpeted and air-conditioned exhibition halls. When required, two halls can be merged into one big venue with an area of 1,700 square metres. Given this flexibility, the Agora halls are ideal for various uses, like large-scale exhibitions, company events such as teambuilding, courses and seminars.
      Exhibition Hall (Accommodates up to 300 people per Hall) 

    Exhibition Hall has an area of 320m2. It is air-conditioned, comes with high-ceiling and timber flooring. Located at E3 Level 3, visitors have easy access to the lush greenery of the Republic Polytechnic’s lawn. Besides exhibitions, the hall is suitable for seminars and company functions.
      Lecture Theatre (Accommodates up to 400 people per theatre)

    Republic Polytechnic has two such Lecture Theatres, and they are located at W2 and E5. They are furnished with cushioned seats, built-in sound system, high resolution projection, and are lit with warm and adaptable ambience lights. Due to their large seating capacity, they can be used for company events, public seminars and performances.
      Lecture Room (Accommodates up to 178 people per room)

    Republic Polytechnic has two such Lecture Rooms, and they are located at W4. With velvet-cushioned seats and a well-furnished stage, they are all equipped with a sound system, projector and rostrum (with microphone) for hosting seminars, talks and presentations.
      Lecture Room (Accommodates up to 100 people per room)

    Republic Polytechnic has 5 such Lecture Rooms, and they are located at E2, E4, E5, W3 and W5.They are furnished with velvet-cushioned seats, staging, sound system, projector and rostrum (with microphone). It provides the perfect setting for a  small-scale event or talk.
      Smart Lecture Room (Accommodates up to 64 people per room)

    Equipped with two 5000 lumens projectors and individual built-in microphones for all 64 seated guests, the lecture room setting allows participants to engage in a conversation with the presenter, making it an ideal venue for dialogue sessions and conferences.
      Facilitation Rooms (Accomodates up to 25 people per room)

    These rooms are equipped with projectors and whiteboards, and can seat 25 people with an additional table for the presenter. Comfortable and compact, these facilitation rooms provide a conducive classroom setting for conducting training and lessons.

    South Agora (Accommodates up to 500 people) 

    South Agora takes inspiration from The Agora, a term created in ancient Greece to refer to a place used as public assembly, forum, marketplace or public square for the exchange of information and goods. Strategically situated at the main entrance (South entrance) of Republic Polytechnic, the South Agora buzzes with human traffic. The open concept, marked by high ceilings and an abundance of natural light, allows students and the public to congregate for various events in the comfort of the air-conditioned space. Its accessibility and capacity to accommodate more than 500 people make it an ideal location for exhibitions, concerts, road shows and fairs.


    North / East / West Agora

    Easily accessible and spacious, the Agoras sprawl across the north, east and west of the air-conditioned interior of the campus, making them an excellent spot for functions and exhibitions.



    The Lawn was created with the aim of integrating the campus with its surrounding greenery. Covered with low maintenance grass that is able to withstand heavy human traffic, it is suitable for holding outdoor events such as performances and team building games. Situated on the third level of the campus with sheltered walkways to other buildings, the Lawn provides visitors with an excellent vantage point for viewing the surrounding greenery and the adjacent Regional Park. It has been used to hold outdoor performances such as RP’s Jam & Hop and Ignite for a crowd of up to 4,000 people.


    RPC Promenade

    The Republic Polytechnic Centre (RPC) Promenade is the main thoroughfare linking the main campus block to the pedestrian walkways and bus stop outside campus. The high human traffic makes it an excellent venue for setting up event booths.


    RPC External (Beside Ramp)

    The external walkway alongside the Republic Polytechnic Centre (RPC) Promenade is an unsheltered alternative leading to the South Entrance of the campus. It also runs parallel to the ramp, which takes students and visitors to the lawn level.


    RPC External (Signage Location)

    Referring to the area in front of the Republic Polytechnic Centre (RPC), it is the starting point where the campus merges with the neighbouring Admiralty Park. Tents and stages are often deployed on this wide space for events that engage the neighbourhood community.


    RPC External (Self-Service Machines Location)

    This prominent spot – under the arched shelter in front of the bus stop – is easily accessible to the public and provides an ideal location for events and activities that engage students and neighbourhood residents.


    RPC External (Along Red Arenite Wall)

    This passageway – which is next to the Republic Polytechnic Centre (RPC)’s drop-off point – links the bus stop, taxi stand and the South Entrance to the campus.



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