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  • Sports Facilities

    For booking of sports facilities, please refer to our facilities booking system.

      Competition Hall

    The competition hall is ideal for sporting games such as basketball, volleyball and netball. It is fully-air conditioned and has a gallery stand to accommodate up to 300 people. With an electronic scoreboard, powerful surround sound speakers and an officials’ table, it is a great venue to hold friendly competitions.

      Badminton Hall

    The RP badminton hall consists of 6 badminton courts with standard posts and nets in place. When the courts are not in use, the posts and nets can be removed and transformed into an indoor netball court. This hall is also supported by a 2 point sound speaker which can be used to hold competitive sports events.

      Tennis Court

    There are four Tennis Courts equipped with umpire’s chairs available for booking. This allows for excellent organization of tennis competitions as games can run concurrently. These four courts can also be used for team-building activities where all users can experience an enjoyable game of tennis under the afternoon sun or in the cool evening breeze.

      Outdoor Court

    The Multi-purpose Outdoor Courts can be used either as three basketball courts, three volleyball courts or one futsal court. The court is line with benches which are sufficient for supporters to cheer their teams on.

      Multi-purpose Hall

    The Multi-Purpose Hall carries a built-in sound system and air-conditioning, which can hold up to 1000 people, and is an excellent ground for holding any type of indoor competition or event. These events may include the games of Floorball, Frisbee or Captain’s Ball.

      Martial Arts Room

    The Martial Arts Room is able to house any event consisting of up to 200 participants. Tatami mats are provided for all users of the Martial Arts Room. As its name suggests, this venue serves as an excellent ground for all forms of martial arts competition.
      Aerobics Studio

    With full-wall mirrors across the three walls of the Aerobics Studio, a sound system and a platform for the instructor, this facility is best suited to hold dance or aerobic classes. With full-wall mirrors across the three walls of the Aerobics Studio, a sound system and a platform for the instructor, this facility is best suited to hold dance or aerobic classes.
      Football/Rugby Field

    The Soccer/Rugby Field has a seating gallery built to house a crowd of approximately 1000 spectators. Seated at the highest point of Republic Polytechnic, this venue provides spectators an excellent panoramic view of the field, and the spectacle of players competing at their highest level on the field.
      Swimming Complex

    An Olympic-size swimming pool, a warm-up pool and a baby wading pool, are available for all RP staff and students. These pools are complemented by a world class electronic scoreboard and a 300 pax capacity viewing gallery. It is also equipped with a built-in sound system.
    Sports Facilities at Adventure Learning Centre (ALC)
    * All ALC facilities are rented with trainers running the programme and
    we do not rent them without any ALC trained staff attached to it.
      Tunnel Cave and Maze

    Emerging prominently from the corner of the Adventure Learning Centre is the Tunnel Cave and Maze that is formed by 6 containers of surprises and adventure. Supported by highly equipped technology, this facility is an excellent platform for teambuilding and character development activities.

      Indoor & Outdoor Rock Wall

    RP houses an indoor and an outdoor sport climbing wall, allowing for activities and learning experiences that are enriching and undependent on the weather conditions. The indoor sport climbing wall stands at 10 meters and is capable of hosting up to 10 climbing lanes for teaching and training. Our outdoor wall is a proud feature of our Challenge Tower –boasting 18 meters of sport climbing surfaces and an overhang section, perfect for teaching and competitions.



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