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    Our Vision

    To be the cultural hub in the North.

    Our Mission

    To bridge communities through the arts. 

    Bridging Communities through the Arts

    The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) is an integral part of Republic Polytechnic’s mission of nurturing the multiple facets and talents of our students.

    TRCC is the focal point for the artistic and cultural development of our students, and also a cultural space that facilitates the integration of the community through a common appreciation of the arts. 

    TRCC’s venues provide aspiring artistes platforms to realize their passion, and to share that with a wider audience. With its weekly arts series “Arts Platter” and the annual Reflections - Community Arts Festival, TRCC hopes to raise cultural awareness and appreciation for our colorful heritage. In so doing, TRCC seeks to be the venue of choice for entertainment, exploration and enrichment of the arts.

    Designed by Maki & Associates (Japan), TRCC exudes an elegant simplicity and balance of aesthetics and functionality that reflects our approach to nurturing an appreciation for the arts and culture. Under its fan-shaped roof, TRCC has three main performing arts venues: a) 1,000-seat Theatre, b) 300-seat Studio and, c) 120-seat Lab. In addition to these performing spaces, TRCC also has a complement of rooms and studios for practice, rehearsal and recordings that support curriculum, student development, which are also open to the public.

    TRCC is a home to 23 student arts groups. These groups have a safe haven to explore and evolve their art forms. Having them under the same roof promotes interaction, collaborations and synergy. This healthy atmosphere help the groups grow artistically as well as broadens their appreciation for what other groups are doing.

    Both professional and amateur arts groups from the community often leverage on TRCC’s creative and professional staff and its facilities for practice and performances. Through our Artistes-in-residence scheme, groups like Singapore’s top Gamelan group, Gamelan Asmaradana, and Zingo Festival Drums are based in TRCC and work closely with RP’s student groups to mentor and develop their craft.

    TRCC is thus more than just a superb array of arts venues but also a driving force that strives to provide a viable platform for students, staff and community partners, to realize their passion for the arts and the cultural vibrancy that defines us as a nation.




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